Tillage Management: Don’t sacrifice performance

Welcome to Tillage Management, Inc. located in the Great Central Valley of California. With farming experience and a team of certified engineers, we work together to bring you dependable, high-performance products for agriculture. We have developed several tools to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and increase profit without sacrificing performance. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to filling your needs.

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Increase your profit with our customizable solutions


The OPTIMIZER offers a tillage implement designed to simplify farming, performing all conventional tillage operations in just one pass. Operating at the optimal 5 to 7 mph, the OPTIMIZER covers 8 to 12 acres per hour. Fuel and labor are reduced by 50% or more. Soil compaction is reduced and soil tilth is improved for long term benefits. Timeliness of fall and spring tillage has increased yields and allowed more acres to be farmed. Results of an EPA study show dust and air pollution are reduced by 50% and up to 90% of engine emissions with an upgrade in tractors. Learn more!

technical drawing of Optimizer

Manure Pro

Convert your screened or dry manure solids to 65% moisture aerobic solids, free of E. coli and Salmonella pathogens. These solids can be used for bedding or as a valuable product for sale as soil amendments or as components in commercial mixed products. Our computer controlled process maintains material temperature to over 137 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature necessary for proper pathogen control. Learn more!

technical drawing of Manure Pro